Modern research in any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field requires a variety of computer skills

We want students that participate in the CODE Workshop to achieve three things: 1) learn coding and/or software skills with the support of peers and understanding instructors, 2) get more information about potential STEM careers in which to use these skills, and 3) have fun and ask questions!

Registration OPEN for 2022 (August 8th to August 12th, Online)

Registration will happen in two steps:

Step one is registration for the workshop itself on eventbrite. Step two is enrollment for the specific courses you want to take also through eventbrite. You must register in step one (preferably early because seats are limited) for general announcements for the workshop, which include links to lunchtime seminars and other general resources, and to get into step two where you enroll for the specific courses. 

What students interested in STEM may not realize is that many computer and software skills are like languages that have to be learned and practiced regularly to become competent. Many resources exist to help in learning and practicing computer and software skills, but may not provide real instructors to answer questions or help troubleshoot any problems.

At the University of Oklahoma, graduate students (people working on Master’s of Science or Doctorate of Philosophy degrees) and faculty have teamed up to host a week-long workshop that covers everything from the basics of coding to more advanced techniques to answer more complicated questions in STEM fields.

The workshop exposes students to STEM fields by using REAL data to answer REAL questions. Additionally, students also have the opportunity to converse and ask questions to professionals and those that are working on their degrees. We provide context for STEM fields that can often be barriers to success. For example, what does a graduate student do anyways??